Monday Update- What Did YOU Miss From the Weekend?

Did you miss it? Checkout all the crazy stuff that happened over the weekend gaming wise!

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New Space Marine Codex Early Q&A

Looks like someone got their book early and has been sharing rumors and new Space Marine Rules with the community.

Reposts have gone up all over the web, and I grabbed this one from Faeit, courtesy of BoLS

And from what I’m seeing Centurions may just be answer to dealing with the latest Xenos scum threat! -MBG

Questions Answered for Space Marines

A full on Question and Answer session was done on the Bols lounge yesterday, so here is its compilation of information. Please note that the pics shown from the codex, I wont show here, but the information from the pics is posted.

via krittoris on the Bols Lounge

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New Tyranids Pictures?!!

Have the new Tyanids been spotted in the latest White Dwarf?

Forge the Narrative just posted up this sweet easter egg pic of some Tyranids in the background of the Space Marine Battle Report from new White Dwarf (pg 62-63).

Funny that the theme (Halloween Massacre) seems to fit in with the rumored Tyranid release schedule nicely…

Look close behind the Carnifex on the right, see anything…. different?  The model in the corner COULD be a Scythed Hierdule I suppose, but the positioning seems wrong. Plus being that I own that model I doubt it could even fit into that space anyways.

Also take a close look at the model behind the carnifex all the way to the right? What the heck is that???

So what say ye?  Is this the proof you were looking for????  -MBG

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Next Primarch for 40k? Forge World Rumors

Well it looks like the  debate is on about what the next primarch model will be for 40k.

Personally I don’t think we’ll see another one until next year, BUT who knows maybe we’ll get a new book and a primarch in the next four months.

Sticking with the train of thought, and the next book rumored to be “Massacre” (themed on the ill fated drop zone landings of the Iron Hands, Raven Guard, Salamanders, at Istvaan V), I can see where some of these rumors are coming from.

So if this rumor is true, well it would be pretty neat to see a Fulgrim vs. Ferrus Manus duel, because it did happen on Istvaan V, oh and it would tie right in nicely with the new Space Marine release too! -MBG

Courtesy of Faeit

After this mornings post, one of our most solid rumor sources chimed in with the answer to what most people were asking…. So here it is, The next Primarch by Forgeworld and to be up for sale at Games Day UK, is……

Please remember that these are rumors.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
It’s Ferrus, he connects with Fulgrim into a duel/diorama.

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So Tyranids are Next?

After checking out Faeit today it seems like they may be some truth to these rumors!

I guess they were ready for their 15 minutes of Fame when they get re-released perhaps?

Courtesy of Faeit

Here are some pictures of Tyranids that were sent in from Warhammer World. I will just leave these here and let readers read into what they will.

Thanks for sending these in.

via a reader here on Faeit 212
I got some pictures to share that I took. I am sure you will enjoy them.

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Space Marines Cover Images Leaked

Oh dang, the new art for the Space Marine hard cover codex got leaked, and well, it’s pretty breathtaking to say the least.

Plus there is even more art that got spoiled as well, so check it out!

Courtesy of Apocalypse 40k blog
The cover of the new Space Marine Codex has hit. As have interior images before each Chapter’s section. 

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Space Marines Strike Back- NEW Rumors!

Forget the filthy Xenos, and the weakling Guardsmen, this months rumor train is back on track and pointed in one direction Codex Space Marines.

Once again a ton of very specific rumors has leaked out again… it’s almost like they are being typed out from a book perhaps..?

Either way kudos to all, everyone loves rumors!

Roll that beautiful bean footage… Courtesy of BoLS and 40k Radio

The Astartes rules avalanche returns.  After a brief hiatus, the rumormill is grinding away with details from ek we are seeing breaking info from the codex itself.  From Chapter traits, to unit updates and even more…

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Warhammer 40k Release Schedule- 2013/14 ?!!

I’m not complaining, but this month is shaping up to be the most informational yet in terms of releases and spoilers.

So here’s what the tubes are saying the rest of 2013 will bring us, as well as Q1 2014.

Oh and don’t forget at midnight tonight Codex Black Legion releases worldwide!!!

Check out the latest release buzz, courtesy of Faeit

With Space Marines already all that is being talked about everywhere, I wanted to take a brief look ahead and what it is that will be coming. The last time we were looking at this, we had some information that was off, and now with a little more clarity the following is looking very good.

Please remember that these are rumored and based off of rumors. The further out we get, the less accurate rumors are.

Warhammer 40k Codex Releases

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Xenos Up Next? Tyranids / Orks Rumors Surface…

I guess since the Space Marine Rumors broke so “early” this time, more rumors about future releases are leaking as well.

And the future looks good for 40k Releases.  A big Xenos release drop is the big rumor of the day. Check it out over on BoLS

With the breakneck speed of Games Workshop releases, the old codices are coming up for updates fast.

Here’s the latest on the road ahead:

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Space Marine AA Tank (Stalker / Hunter) Rules

Ain’t no flyer got time for the new Space Marine anti air tank. Just skimming the rules this morning I’m in shock if this thing is as good as the leaks make it out to be. 

Best of all, it looks to be able to hide under a Sky Shield pad, allowing for some tricky vertical deploying of Space Marines.  Will the new book bring back the “wild west castle” style play that we saw in early 6th edition with Aegis lines?
Hard to say, time to bring on the Space Marines!!!
Courtesy of Apocalypse 40k 
Here is a recap of the new Space Marine AA Tank, that will be the bane of opposition air forces!…
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