Do You Remember Space Marine Wrapping Presents?

A few holidays ago you may remember a short YouTube film of a Space Marine wrapping presents.

Well it’s been a few years, but the guy who made that at my store looks to be on to bigger and better things (with better filming equipment of course).

He’s also the kit basher who has brought you a ton of conversion features both on here and on BoLS, Caleb from White Metal Gaming.

Checkout his first “official” film making project below, and help support him if you can! -MBG

To my dearest family and friends, to long time acquaintances and distant relatives:  

Firstly let me apologize if it has been a while since I have touched base with you.  As you will soon come to find out, we’ve been quite busy here in North Carolina.
As some of you may well know, I pursued a degree in filmmaking at the North Carolina School of the Arts.  For many years after graduation I toiled and struggled to find a way into the film industry.  Despite my best efforts, after much trial and error, I put my dreams of filmmaking on the back burner while I looked to other, more realistic endeavors, including work and home.
However, with the support of my loving family and friends I never shelved my dreams entirely.  Now, thanks mainly to support of a local filmmaking company called Lucid Reality Productions, I will be directing my first feature film in approximately two weeks.  This is a major milestone for me and culmination of years of hard work.  
The film is called IN THE PINES and you can find out much more about the film here.
In The Pines
They went to get away from it all. Now they’re just trying to get away from each other . . .
Preview by Yahoo
Many of you will delete this email at about this point, realizing that this link is to a Kickstarter project and you are probably sick to death of hearing about kickstarter projects . . . and that’s fair.  
For those of you that are still reading, however, there is on thing different about this kickstarter and that thing is me.  In The Pines is a project I am personally involved with and am operating as one of the heads of production.
We realize most of you have better things to do with you time and money, and will likely dismiss the link and move on.  Which is expected and no hard feelings to those of you that do.
I would ask, however, if you have just a minute, for each of you to simply cut and paste the following to your Facebook homepage (if you have one) and spread the word about our cause:
Our Kickstarter has just launched!!! Check out all the cast and crew! And our awesome rewards! We can’t wait to film and thank you guys for all your support no matter how much you give!
If, after watching our Introduction video, you have any interest in seeing this project come to fruition, contribute.  
Let me take this opportunity to say thank you for supporting my filmmaking dreams over the years.  Without your words of encouragement, you tireless efforts, and your love, none of this would be possible and I would not be the person I am today.
I look forward to speaking with you regarding our film in the future.
Have a great start to summer!  We will be filmming in Mid June 2014, so if you are in the Mecklenburg Virginia area, be sure to drop by our set!  Just email me and I’ll be happy to talk to you about when the best time to visit set is!
All my love and gratitude,
Yours truly,
Joshua ‘Caleb’ Dillon
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