Sexy Cultists are Sexy

There are two things that everyone seems to undervalue about the Dark Vengeance Box Sets (IMHO) the Small Rulebook, and the Chaos Cultists.

I don’t know what it is, but no one seems to remember that the normal rulebook retails for $75, so that says to me the mini one is worth at least half that, if not slightly more.

Same with the cultists, as they are now a staple in many Chaos Space Marine builds AND make great Renegade Guardsmen models!

Plus while they don’t have there own larger kit to compare to (unless you count the Forge World Renegade kits), GW has now valued them in sealed product form more than the guardsmen (Cadian shock troops) they represent!

So if your looking for alternative Cultist/ Renegade style models to use, checkout the links below for some great products that are readily available to make your army unique!

Dark Futures and Alien Suns SciFi Greatcoat Shock Troops (18) 
Dark Futures and Alien Suns Shock Troopers Heavy Weapons Teams 
Chaos Cultists Renegades Guardsmen Dark Vengeance 40k Space Marines 

UAMC Infantry (24 Figures) 

Oh and don’t forget these six great Spikey Bits articles on Renegades as well.

Happy converting -MBG

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Greatcoats- New Imperial Guard Henchmen / Stormtroopers

So the other day I finally had my chance to work on a project I had been really looking forward to doing for awhile, Greatcoats.

I had this conversions idea way back when I was doing my traitor guard that I never got to implement, but I really though would look great.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of alternate kits out there to use for Greatcoat models- all of which are great, but I’m just kinda a Games Workshop fan boy and only like working with their kits.

You may remember the Traitor Guard I converted up using Vampire Counts Grave Guard, Forge World Renegades, and Cadian bits.

This new batch of conversions I did are along those same lines, only not as evil….

Bits Used

Optional Parts
Cadian Heads, and any other after market head kits, like Pig Iron, Scibor, etc etc….

The Conversion(s)

These conversions are actually surprisingly simple, and look remarkably well IMHO. The torso and legs are from the Empire Archer kit, which are conveniently all one part.

The arms are the normal Cadian Shock Trooper ones, and the heads are a mix of Space Marine, and Space Wolf Scouts. Of course you could use any head really, and to tell you the truth I only used these because it’s all I had on hand in the quantity I needed.

I mixed in a few Cadian heads in as well at the end, so you can get a good idea of scale.

To make this conversion, all you have to do is save about 1/16″ off of either shoulder and the Cadian arms fit flush.  Some of the torsos don’t even require this adjustment to make them fit perfect.

Then top with whatever head suits your theme.

I featured a few more of the models below, as well as some squad level shots.  These guys will be manning my Inquisitorial Rhinos / Razorbacks for their Lord Cotaez in the near future.

Want more Imperial Guard Conversions? Checkout my RENEGADES link for more great alternate Guardsmen inspirations!

What do you think? Do these guys look and feel like guardsmen?-MBG

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Painted Showcase- Death Squads Renegade Guard Minis

There is a neat little community out there that came up with a true skirmish version of 40k. It’s called “Death Squads” and it’s pretty cool.
You can find out more over on their site. You have to register to get to the downloads section, but once you do all the resources are then available. There is a rulebook that’s updated, and even forums to communicate with other members of the Death Squads community.

This set of rules inspired Yepimadork to make up some Death Squad models himself.

He based them off some old UNC AT-43 minis that were just lying around. Then he added some 40k weapons and packs, and finished them off with some custom bases! Me likey- definitely gives them a alternate timeline renegade-ish look that’s easy to pull off!  Into Renegades? Click here to check out our other renegade articles!

I always love it when hobbyists come up with ideas to support the community as a whole. Kudos -MBG

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Spikey Bits e-Bay- More Awesome Warhammer Armies for Sale.

If you are in the market for a new Warhammer 40k Army check out Spikey Bits e-Bay!

I have all the bits I was going to use to make my Chaos Renegade guard army up on e-Bay right now.

I also have a beautifuly painted Blood Angels Army (see opposite) that I will be listing Monday night 1/17.

Here some of the pics of the Forgeworld Renegade Army I am selling. You may recognize some of the finished figures from posts on here.  Anyways here is your chance to own some of my work, and put your own twist on it. Linky:

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