Simply Amazing- Cosplay? Space Marine Dreadnought.

My mom always told me where there is a will, there is a way.  Turns out she was mostly right.

Back in the day I wanted a Voltron combiner toy, but being pretty poor at the time well my parents couldn’t make it happen.  But I never really liked being told no when I wanted something, so I made one myself.

Yup with the help of my art teacher back in elementary school I made one out of card and paper, and lots of hope and dreams.  It was pretty cool, and for being like six at the time it was the most amazing thing ever to me.

Then I saw this Cosplay Space Marine Dreadnought, and my mind was blown.

I mean sure these days anyone can convert just about anything from scratch but this masterpiece, and I’ll call it that- cause it really is, is just over the top amazing.

Check out the collated 100 picture work in progress collage below. The surprise ending is worth the scrolling I promise! -MBG

Awesome Warhammer 40K Giant Dreadnought Case Mod (97 pics)

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Top Blog Posts of 2011

Well with another year of blogging behind us I went back and pulled up the top Spikey Bits articles of 2011.

You may say they are our greatest hits of last year, lol, either way if you missed them…. now is you chance to catch up! Check them out!
And the number one article on Spikey Bits Last year is:
My tirade about Beasts of War pooping on every store in the world with their Necrons Leak (which by the way are now “officially” owned by Wayland Games, and have been basically delegated to being their newsletter department now, lol). 
Here’s to another great year of Blogging, and modeling. Happy Hobbying, and thanks for reading! -MBG
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Spikey Bits Fixed! New Pictures Ahoy!

It’s true. I guess the guy that made the Java scripts that were “broken” fixed them, and all is right with the world now.

Enjoy the recent Conversions, Painted, Army Lists, and Army showcase widgets as normal.

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