Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where's Your Federation Now? Pic of the Day

Welcome to Picture of the Daywhere I display a  sweet pic of something amazing that I've seen around the tubes, or took myself at an event!

If you click on the Picture of the Day label you'll be able to scroll through some great Warhammer related images, all at once.

Heh I wanna know where the Death Star is. -Enjoy MBG


Mike said...

would be nice to see how a super star destroyed measures up

Adam Forbes-Simmons said...

About 4 times longer than the retribution. But much slimmer. Although I think that Retribution is a bit short.

Majere613 said...

Think I recognize all these ships apart from the second largest (the grey one with domes above and below the hull). Anyone know what it is?
Mind you, I'm still trying to imagine the catatonic state of gun-lust the Retribution coming through the wormhole would induce in Worf :)

David Demarest said...

That would be a droid command ship from Star Wars episode 1.

Derek Barlund said...

The Super star destroyer is about the length of the page 17 km but only twice as wide as a star destroyer. the death star, lets just say you could fit all those ships on it's focusing dish for the superlaser

Ken Daly said...

things a frikkin monster

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