Monday, December 17, 2012

Spikey Bits Gets a Face Lift!

Well in case you haven't noticed we introduced a brand new design over the last week here on Spikey Bits. So if you could, take a minute to look around the new site for yourself!

You can also make it the active site for mobile devices just by scrolling to the bottom and clicking "show desktop versions" (and from what I can tell, it looks good mobile as well)!

All that aside I'd really love some feedback from YOU on any of the following things if you have a moment.
  • Are you able to find the main points of interest for the site okay? Stuff like conversions, videos, painted figs etc.
  • Does the site flow well for you, i.e. is it intuitive? Can you not find something that you used navigate to easily before?
  • Is the commenting system working for you okay? 
  • Do you see any formatting issues that seem to not be intentional, and I may need to take a look at?


ONIAgent150 said...

I could do without the rumors. I come here for the fantastic hobby content and to keep up with what you're working on, MBG. I go over to Faeit for my rumors.

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