Thursday, December 20, 2012

Release the Beast! Angron Daemon Primarch Conversion

Greetings fellow wargamers! If you follow this blog on a semi-regular basis, you'll know that Primarchs are our wheelhouse.  We love em' can't get enough of em'.  At least Daemon Primarchs.  By the time a primarch has ascended to daemonhood, they are usually full blown monstrosities..

All the more fun to convert if you ask me.  We've done Fulgrim, Magnus, and now of course, Angron!
I've seen many variations of Angron over the years.  My favorite picture is an artists conception from White Dwarf a few years back when the official rules for Angron were first published.

I liked the ferocity of the figure, it's sheer bulk and animosity.  I also got a sense the from the concept art of Angron being almost apelike, and I really wanted a chance to bring forth that quality in the conversion. 

The conversion itself was a kitbasher's dream.  I got to use the biggest bits I could find.  I wanted a figure that would compare size wise with An-ggrath from Forgeworld.  To get a figure of that scale, I'd need to start with a big base model.  The Cygor was a good place to start.

Adding to this were arms from a maulerfiend, the sword from a soul grinder, a few assorted chaos bits, as well as the wings from a Hive Tyrant.  For a few other off beat bits, I found these shoulder pads on a Skeletor Samurai (don't laugh) toy, and the head from a Reaper King Kong like figure called the Giant Ape Lord.

This figure is currently available for sale on ebay.

For those just tuning into this blog, my name is Caleb and I am the owner of White Metal Games, a miniature conversion and painting service in Raleigh NC.  If you are interested in commissioning a model through us, contact us at

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And until then, remember to PUT YOUR MINIS WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS!  Happy wargaming!

Caleb, WMG


Rob Kelly said...

ANGRON! Stop monkeying around.

Bda_Gamer said...


Im Better than ew said...

Thats a BAD conversion. My Primarch is NOT a gorilla!

spikeybits said...

I think u guys are letting one little but ruin it for you. It does resemble the artwork. Maybe instead of tearing it down offer suggestions on what could make it better? :)

Charles J Shumar said...

This is a wonderful conversion. I think what some other people are expressing in a not so elegant manner is that the ape face as is seems too ape like. I think that it needs to be a bit more chaosy in the face. Otherwise it is a wonderful conversion. I think I personally would work on keeping the face, just modifying it so that it doesn't look as much like a natural ape.

MrPolyamorus said...

It's a great conversion dude, but at the same time, you really have to limit yourself on what you can do in terms of proportion.

Ive seen in in your other conversions too, just need to convert with parts that 'fit' if you get what I mean?

Also, your actual modelling skills, while they have gotten a lot better, still need a bit of work man, especially for like, models your selling. Like for instance, you might have wanted to look up muscle modelling techniques for this particular model.

In all, great concepts, great themes, average execution...

LordRao said...

I love the initial image this model gives, it's very evocative and aggressively powerful. Also love the use of the Jabberslythe model combined with the Dinobot arms and the big ass sword to produce something unique yet instinctively right. Kudos for coming uo with that combo.

A few points of (hopefully constructive) criticism:
- The ape head is too big, it's simply out of proportion. I know the feeliing when you come up with a great picture in your head and the parts just don't seem to match. It can be very tempting to go ahead with the miniature anyway, in spite of yourself. Maybe that's what happened here.

- As others have said, the head also needs some more 'Chaosing' up. I would remove the fur and include the 'Chaos dreds' that Khorne daemons seem to be all about. That's also in the artwork.
- Although the wings are evocative, I'm not a fan of them sticking out forward like that. This may have been mitigated by positioning them slightly to the side, in a more open V-shape.

On another note: a full frontal image might have been useful, to see the profile it gets from that angle. Now we only see close-ups focusing on the head.

jobe said...

I'm not going to say this is a bad conversion but as far as being Angron goes it is really bad. I think the biggest problem is that nothing on it is custom, every part is just pulled form another model and glued on, from the waist down nothing about it says 40k, there are no khorne symbols anywhere and the head is just awful it would be one thing if it came out looking like a gorilla after a lot of modeling work but it's just a gorilla head from another model and looks horrible.

Basically this conversion looks lazy, a bunch of parts glued together to make a quick buck. Google "angron demon prince" and see what you find, people have done some great conversions and all of them required a lot of work not just kit bashing.

deuce1984 said...

I love this conversion but for the gorilla face needs a tad of additional work. Throw about some etched brass khornate symbols and this guy is ready for paint! Good Job.

Sean Farquharson said...

he needs Gorefather still. I also may have used a converted bloodthirster head rather than the simian head.

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