Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pretty in Pink- Monolithic Paint Job

Welcome to Picture of the Daywhere I display a  sweet pic of something amazing that I've seen around the interwebz, or took myself at an event!

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Alexander Fennell had always had a very "unique" theme to all of his armies, and his Necrons are no different. -Enjoy MBG


thanoson said...

That's hilarious.

Jean-Yves MacDougall said...

I glanced at it and shivered, i looked at it and was appalled, i am scared because i now stare at it and can't look away... Pretty princess has entered the 40th millennium all look upon them and know the end is NIGH!!!!!!

Armando Landrian said...

I've met the guy who owns this, the rest of his army is crazy.

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