Sunday, December 16, 2012

Leaked? New Imperial Guardsmen Sketches by Jes Goodwin

These just popped up over on the Apocalypse 40k blog, and they look good. Checkout some rumored Jes Goodwin sketches of a possible upcoming Imperial Guard Release!

From Apocalypse 40k

And Max over at Darog's Company posted this

New Imperial Guard by Jes Goodwin:
It´s only an early rumour, but seems that Jes Goodwin in a chat talk spoiled this picture of his now early works on the new and future Imperial guard codex..

Terradas from Adeptus Forum:
It's early, but apparently has escaped Jes Godwin sketch the new Imperial Guard.

Thanks as always to Max and Larry


keirbot said...

those sketches are ancient!

kevinmcd28 said...

dude those are from a book back in the early 1990's JEs put out of his sketchwork

Tim Farrelly said...

yep , that was my first thought too ... im sure i had seen these before... pritty old stuff there.

Paul said...

It's from "The Gothic and the Eldritch".

spikeybits said...

Yep thanks a lot for the input guys. I guess the original author was just grasping at straws.

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