Saturday, December 22, 2012

How Many Land Raiders Died to Make This? Pic of the Day

Welcome to Picture of the Daywhere I display a  sweet pic of something amazing that I've seen around the interwebz, or took myself at an event!

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I count 14+ Land Raiders on the Table, wow! -Enjoy MBG


Frank Marvin Creighton said...

Good start on a Squat Land Train.

ramo said...

too many.. never again!

mike lovecchio said...

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

sps87 said...

12 land raiders, 6 predators. multiple dozens of turrets and plasticard.

Jstove said...

Tom thought he was smart. He knew Jim would bring his Land Land Land Raiderator Terminus Terminatron (copyright Matt Ward) to the apocalypse battle, so he kitted all his sternguard vets with combi meltas and painted up a melta vet guard detachment. Tom was kind of a dick, and this weekend, he was determined to ruin Jim's day by smoking his Land Land Land Raiderator Terminus Terminatron (copyright Matt Ward) on turn 2.

What Tom hadn't counted on, however, was that Jim knew he was a meta-listing dick. So when Jim used a forklift to shove the Land Land Land Raiderator Terminus Terminatron (copyright Matt Ward) into the middle of Tom's table using his flank march stratagem, he wasn't surprised at all when Tom rolled out his melta farm to gas the giant monstrosity.

"I killed it!" Tom cheered spitefully, removing its last hull point. "Take it off the board."

"I opt to leave it as a wreck." Jim smiled, throwing a bag of cotton balls on top of the Land Land Land Raiderator Terminus Terminatron (copyright Matt Ward) to represent its destruction.

"Dude, its huge. You need a forklift to move it. Just get it out of the way, its blocking LOS for my whole table." Tom fumed.

"I know." Jim smiled, and proceeded to win the mega battle. "Just as planned."

Michael J. Salzman said...

I had the honor of purchasing this from its creator GreyDeath over at

I then modified it a bit and painted it up! Back when I used in Apocalypse games it was close to 3k just by itself! The best part was that it could hold in its belly 6 Rhino/Razorback/Predators and 2 dreadnoughts :)

Michael J. Salzman said...

Here is the painting blog from WIP back then my painting skills were not super but I wish I still had this beast to redo it. Looking to buy it back from whoever has it..

Houghten said...

It needs theme music written by Barry Gray.

Hillbilly146 said...

17 or 17+

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