Monday, December 31, 2012

Hot- Dark Angels Codex Pics!

Well here they are in all their resplendent glory. White Dwarf Pics of the new Dark Angels models. These broke over the weekend from Europe of course and well, they look good.
Here's a repost from my buddy Alec's Blog: Apocalypse 40k:

The Dark Angels are coming and here are some photos from the latest White Dwarf (which you should go buy!).  

This is a fantastic looking army, and FINALLY makes the Dark Angels cool again.  After that BORING last codex.  The Deathwing Knights look absolutely spectacular (More photos in my next post).


Now go out and buy the White Dwarf and see this stuff up close!


Dark Angel Deathwing Knights Photo

Photos of the new Dark Angel unit, the Deathwing Knights, basically uber-terminators, have popped up.
These have to be the nicest Terminators Games Workshop has ever produced, and I am going to be adding them to my Apocalypse force.



Big Daddy Tim, Pro Wrestler said...


Drew Edgar said...

Upvote if you were directed here because BoLS' forum sucks! :D

narceron said...

I still maintain that deathwing knights look like terminators wearing bibs.

BrassScorpion said...

I posted the link to this on BoLS. :)

The14th said...

Been waiting for this codex for years, so far it looks like the wait was worth it!

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