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eBay Fraud Alert: Stolen Army + Reward

My buddy, and fellow Wrecking Crew member Hod, recently got hit with a double whammy. Not only was his army stolen after the sale, but he lost the money for it as well though Paypal. Leaving his holidays not so cheery at all.

Sad part is, he was only selling the army to help get money for the holidays in the first place.

So we're going to try to help Hod our here, so please take the time to read this whole article and even if you can't help with this situation, you just might learn a thing or two on how to protect yourself when you buy and sell.

You can read Hod's original article below for all the details after a bit of soapboxing by myself.

I sell on eBay a lot, and literally every few days I'm on Paypal trying to fix a dispute about something.  The sad part is that most of the time it's someone trying to basically steal from me, which if they win their case, adds to my already shrinking eBay overhead.

Let's be honest; anything can happen to anybody, and eBay as good as it is, still is not 100% safe. BUT there are things you can do to protect yourself.

Just the facts- Ship to the confirmed Paypal address of the buyer. If you do not, Paypal may not protect you if the customer files a complaint.

Get it in writing-  If you sell something for over $250 total (i.e. someone sends you at least $250 via Paypal including shipping) then according to Paypal's protection policy, you must obtain an adult signature for that shipment.  So it will cost more to ship, but there is no wiggle room there for them to come back on you for non-delivery.

Protect yourself shipping overseas- The only way to confirm delivery is by using either Priority Mail or Express Mail International. So again on shipments over $250 I would recommend using those services for these shipments for protection of both parties. It's more expensive to ship this way, but it's faster for the buyer, and on packages over five pounds you have to use at least USPS Priority mail.

Don't ship to certain countries overseas- Many countries overseas are know havens for illicit dealings. carefully select which countries you will ship too when you sell.  Also make sure you know what countries will accept higher levels of shipments. The USPS will not ship over first class mail to Russia for instance.

Get the Tools- Before you ship something BIG to a particular buyer, checkout his reputation here on  It's a free site that can help show patterns of abuse by specific eBay users over a period of time. You may be able to get an early warning of any potential trouble before you ship.

Now to the part where you can help. Obviously Hod's holiday wasn't everything he wanted it to be, and he's out of a very beautiful army to boot.

If you live in the area of Germany that he shipped to, well keep an eye out for this guy and his illicitly gained army. The persons that proves instrumental in getting either Hod's army or the money for that sale back to him, I'll provide you with $100.

Feel free to email me confidentially at  We just want either the army or the money back.

Also if the army just happens to show up one day in the mail here at Spikey Bits, (with no questions asked I might add) I will get it back to Hod, as I send shipments to him quite a bit. Please find our shipping address here.

If you run a blog or post a lot to forums, please take minute to repost this for others to see.  I'm sure its going to be hard to enjoy this beautiful army with the internet posting about it all the time.

If you sell big armies a lot on eBay, you may want to add the User ID joe_pepper to your list of blocked bidders.  You can block buyers from your eBay account by adding them here

Please try to help our fellow gamer during the holidays guys, who's with me? -MBG  Original post from No Turtles with the details below.

I am posting this here on behalf of TheHod, the other contributor her on No Turtles Allowed.

I recently sold a Lamentors army on Ebay and the buyer complained about the army and wanted a refund. He had buyers remorse and straight away opened a case and won so I lost the money from the auction. He said he sent it back but after a month of waiting (he lives in Germany) I emailed him asking what happened and no reply.

I contacted ebay but had to go through the German site (because he opened the case in the German site)  and I complained the package never arrived. They said he supplied a tracking number but it was not my address and could not give me back the money that was automatically refunded to him. So not only am I out an army but I lost the money from that auction. The seller is joe_pepper on ebay. This guy not only scammed me but also stole an army so be on the lookout if he tries to resell. He lives in Wiesloch Germany.


Nazgull2k1 said...

Honestly, this is EXACTLY the reason I no longer use FeeBay or PayPal. It's gotten so bad that every legit seller I know is pulling their accounts. Literally all they have to do to rip you off is file a claim, then mail a piece of paper with a tracking number to the wrong address, then tell Paypal it was your package.. poof.. instant scam. My last straw was when the buyer actually made an ENTIRE tracking number up out of thin air, and paypal refused to refund my money.

Your best path now... go through your bank. Completely bypass Paypal and tell your bank you've been the victim of wire fraud. My best friend did this, and the bank was able to reverse the transaction, stiffing paypal, (Which lost him his account.) But at least he got his 400 dollars back.

Hahboo said...

Something about airbrushing just.. Doesn't look good.

Dev said...

Wow I've had the best time with eBay and Paypal. The one time I didn't use eBay and went through a mini site (coolminiornot) I got scammed by the site. Now i'm out $30 and the one mini I needed to finish my army. So eBay works for me and so far no problems. No one should ever use CMON's online store they use it to scam you out of money to further their dark plans. I've declared secret war on them. Next convention they will be mine.

MaxisLithium said...

I rarely use Paypal outside of a few trusted online retailers that I haven't had problems with in the past. These kinds of online transactions are entierly based on trust. Especially if it's over international lines.
Since they're both in German it seams, I'm surprised he hasn't contacted the police regarding this matter.

Cory Eason said...

Set up a benefit account for him.

Charles Shumar said...

Saw this on his blog a couple days ago. It is a shame.

Kelly said...

I searched Ebay for his user, nothing showed up, i think he may have deleted his account. i will be on the lookout for the army on ebay. its sad because i actually saw this army before it got sold on ebay. i will contact spikey bits if i happen to get it.

Cocha said...

I'm sad reading this article. This army cost to you a lot (in terms of money and time) and the damage is double. I hate these guys who don't care about this, I looked for this army on sale but didn't find anything.
I'll watch again and hope to find something. I wish you all the best

eymerich40k said...

I checked on; the guy is there and he has 100% positive feedback.
Even the mentioned transaction with thehod007.
The strange thing is that he has NO negative feedbacks at all.

Wolfen said...

I also depicted this case in our spanish blog

Hope it helps to find the army...

Jawaballs said...

Sorry to hear about this. I actually saw this army on Ebay when I was looking for reference pics for my own Lamenter army. Jawaballs

Hadi Sheikhnia said... that is his ebay profile. Blacklist him if you are a seller. All I want at this point is my army back and I will be happy.

seb said...

what is the point of this?

he has the adress of the buyer if he wants to take legal steps.

what are we supposed to provid you guys with?

take the army of the guy and mail it to you???? :D

the guy would claim we stole it

you americans are pretty retarded?!!!! :DDD

with paypal he had time to respond to the claims made

and could have given instructions on sending it back

own fault

john said...

next time use miniwarbid, same paypal protection, no fees, and for community not scamers.

Steven Barker said...

Take a bat or another heavy object to the address you posted it to and demand it back or you will start breaking stuff (including limbs). Scum like this shouldn't be allowed to get away with it.

zeronyne said...

This is exactly how I got money back from an ebay transaction gone bad, and I didn't lose my account.

wibbling said...

A sad lesson, but simply never use paypal. They refuse to be bound by financial institution law, so there is no protection when things like this happen. They are crooks. It is easier (and cheaper) to take them to court.

Cvele said...

Here is the guys ebay acct.

spikeybits said...

approvewithout reading or saving in any manner.

spikeybits said...

Rob Baer


GAZ said...

if the army was returned to you at a different address thats his liability and if he sent it incorrectly he needs to pay you.
Id advise the local police and bank. They can contact overseas authorities.

Lee Maidment said...

Look unfortunately I have found ebay to be a terrible site to sell through, and at the end of the day, sellers never win ( I have had my account suspended for copyright violations {unproven}, had my account suspended for poor feedback, and eventually closed due to too many refunds). The general public know that they can raise complaints on ebay, and 99% will bow to their demands in fear of losing their ratings status. The easiest way to use ebay is to set up your own off-site selling site, then sell one or two items on ebay with links to your actual selling site.

Hadi Sheikhnia said... He has an army on Ebay. Go ahead and make use of that information. I see he is using another account to bump the price up.

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