Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spikey Bits Hosts Nova Open- Virginia Primaries May 19th

FTW Games (the home of Spikey Bits) will be hosting the “Virginia Primaries”on Saturday May 19th at 10am.

The "Virginia Primaries" is an 40K Invitational Qualifier for the Nova Open.

If we get 32 players the top two players will qualify for two spots at the Nova Open Invitational in Aug 30-Sept 2, 2012 (Labor Day weekend) to play for I think a cash prize of some sort...oh $1000.... for Best General and Best Overall respectively? Seems good!

For our event- there are no sports, comp or painting score!  All you have to do to take home overall is WIN WIN WIN!  So bring down your painted or unpainted, and get stuck in!

But please mind your manners, any shenanigans will be dealt with severely.

General Information
Entrance Fee: $10
Prize: 100% payout as FTW Games store credit or $100 minimum (in store credit) whichever is greater!
Date: Saturday May 19th 10am 1750 Points, 4 Rounds
Points: 1750

Updated Registration:
To register, you can call the store (804) 464 1873 or email me You spot will be reserved until registration closed 10AM- 10:30AM. If you are not paid by 10:30 AM that day your spot will go to someone else.

I will be starting a registration page shortly for all reserved spots.

Thanks to all so far for the interest, this is going to be a blast!

Updated Player list:
Below is the most current reserve list I have for anyone who called or emailed me for a spot at this event. It does not take into account local players, so were actually sitting very close to the 32 we need for this event.  Please contact me ASAP if you would like to reserve a spot as a waiting list may be needed shortly.

Andrew Blackwell
Mike Hoffman
George Sterman
Mike Taylor
Patrick Schifflett
Mike Walsh 1
Mike Walsh 2
Mike Walsh 3
Patrick Joseph
Travis Stauch
Sean Parrish
Lee Hartsoe
Phil mccafferty
Kevin Kagen
Mike Brant 1
Mike Brant 2
Mike Brant 3
Mike Brant 4
Mike Brant 5
Erick Ford
Casey Chirstopher
John Jabe



DarkCorsair said...

I love how it's a tournament and the picture is of grey knights :P
As a side note, I'm actually now open for the weekend (I had pulled out before due to family and school conflicts) so if there are spots still open I'd be glad if you had me.

perrin23860 said...

From what i hear through the matrix,  this is gonna be pretty competitive and tightly run,  so bring your big guns and have fun!  Pretty sure i'm gonna be bringing the sons of sanguinius.  Maybe eldar though...

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