Saturday, April 07, 2012

Hot Gothic- More Extreme Templar Close-Ups

Welcome to Army of One, where I display a great looking painted model from stuff I've done or amazing figures I've seen around.

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Today we take a one of Jkin's finished Sword Brethren Terminator Knights.  Each one has individual heraldry and a custom base.

You may recognize this model from the this article last week on the whole squad.-Enjoy MBG

You can checkout more of the crazy work Jkin puts out, HERE.

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Big_Black_Fiend said...

That terminator looks like a negro.

ONIAgent150 said...

You got a problem with that? I paint my Marines all different races if they are chapters that take from different planets. Or even if they take from the same one, like Baal. Not all Space Marines are Anglo-Saxon and pale-skinned. 

Adeptus Astartes: Brothers all. 

Big_Black_Fiend said...

No it's cool but rare. Most everyone paints their Marines with white skin. : )

terranraida said...

The White Templars will be a very, very ironic chapter... ...

coal said...

 You sound like a jack ass

coal said...

I remember seeing these on Bell of Lost souls, and they got slated by everyone on there. Seeing them painted they still look kinda silly.

Big_Black_Fiend said...

What would have been a more appropriate term for the current politically correct ?

ONIAgent150 said...

Hey, I wasn't thrilled either but he clarified his comments. Let's lay off the Big Black Fiend, alright?

coal said...

Yes but it just sounds so silly. I mean if it was painted with white skin, you wouldn't say ''That terminator looks like a white person'' would you?

Anyway you clarified your point so cool.

Soz for calling you a donkeys behind. I see my comment is up for review lol.

For the Emperor!

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