Sunday, March 04, 2012

Neat! Space Wolves Razorback w/ Interior Detail

Check out this neat Space Wolves Razorback with a little extra on the inside!

Jkin showed up the other day with one of his old Space Wolf Razorbacks, told me if I didnt post it he would kill me.

KIDDING! No but what he really told me to do, was look inside. So I opened it up, and sure enough he detailed out the interior compartment!

The Conversion

Jkin added a few details to the inside, like a praying Marine, tricked out the shrine with more of a wolf look, and slapped a few gas cans and ammo crates about.

Then he painted every last bit of detail on the inside, including passenger as well.

The exterior was painted to match the rest of his Space Wolves.  But the fact that he took the time to do the inside, it really impressed me. Something like this really goes a long way with paint judges at tournaments.

Another great piece of work from a remarkable hobbyist.

Three Sixty below.

This guy is a machine when it comes to hobbying, as he seems to crank out models at super human speed.  You can checkout more of the crazy work Jkin puts out, HERE.

What do you think, is that Marine really "praying"? -MBG

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Mihail Tsankov said...

Rhino and inside looks great but besides judges on a tournament who else is going to see it?

Sean M. Celba said...

I like it.  My only criticism is that the paint job is pretty streaky.  Might just be an effect of the photography though.


Sean M. Celba said...

The guy that owns the don't look at your completed models from the time to time?

Mihail Tsankov said...

You're probably right. Though the only transports I have are Wave Serpents and I've glued the back doors because I don't like the open/close mechanism.

Mihail Tsankov said...

 What do you mean by streaky?

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