Saturday, February 25, 2012

Overwatch- Chaos Obliterators on Station

Welcome to a new segment here on Spikey Bits called War Torn, where I try to capture a perhaps pivotal moment in a battle, or a frame that shows an ongoing conflict from the game we love.

Eventually if you click on the War Torn label you'll be able to scroll through some hopefully amazing battles in frozen time, all at once.

Let spice it up a bit and get some comments with you all's captions for the scene unfolding below!

Target Acquired. Range 500 Yards. FIRE! -Enjoy MBG

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Sam Rhee said...

I would love to see the front of those Oblits. The one with the missle launchers looks crazy.

spikeybits said...

On it!

Thorson said...

Caption: "You were only supposed to blow the bleeden doors off!"

Cool Obliterator with Havoc launcher!

Lovecchio420 said...

Those oblit's are sick!

"I want my two dollars"

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