Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Leonidas Sicarius, Captain of the Spartans

Today I have for you the last of the Spartan Jkin has created; Captain Leonidas of the Spartan Marines.

He's going to be making a whole army of these guys, and I have no doubts that he can do it either.

To make this Spartan, Jkin de-ultraified a Finecast Captain Sicarius!
He also added a Beastman spear to complete the look.

He also use the Liquid Green Stuff to help clean up the gouges from removing the Ultramarine symbols.

Three Sixty below, with a shot of all three Spartans together!

You can checkout more of Jkin's work here.

What do you think, would it be neat to see a full army of these guys? -MBG

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Ellis Warner said...

This is gonna sound weird, but I really love the way he did the hand holding the spear...

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