Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Henchmen Inquisitorial Grey Knight Army

Welcome to Armies on Parade, where I display (in hopefully good detail) some great looking armies from major tournaments all across the United States.

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Today we take a look at Kelly Wallace's Awesome Grey Knight Army. He did a good bit of converting on these guys, and the paint job is great as well. - Enjoy MBG

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captgrizz said...

very nice. makes me wish i could get my stuff painted

Mark Beardmore said...

Stunning, I quite like the Chaos Warrior Crusaders.

Mihail Tsankov said...

The scheme is great. I love how natural they look. Though the one plane drednought seems a bit out of place. Still awesome army though.

Mihail Tsankov said...

What kit are the paladins' shields from?

IDICBeer said...

Very nice looking army

Kelly Wallace said...

Thanks for all of the nice comments, folks!

The Crusaders are: (1) Chaos Warrior bodies, (2) PAGK Falchion Swords, (3) MaxMini Steam Knight Heads, (4) Scibor "SF Shields Set 1" shields, and (5) the occasional small piece of FW Inquisition brass etch.

That one dreadnought looks "plain" because it isn't finished.  It's just basecoated.  That's true for most of the vehicles, too.  (I think that the Stormraven and one Rhino were actually "done" for the event that the picture was taken at).  I'm a very slow painter.  The venerable (the "almost white" one) wasn't finished for that tournament either (but is almost done now!).

spikeybits said...

Thanks Kelly!

StudentTeacher said...

I really can't get over those crusaders! Thanks for the parts breakdown!

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