Thursday, February 09, 2012

God save the King, dom of Britannia

Today we have a sweet guest post by a regular contributor to the blog, Jkin.  If you follow his posts may notice a pattern of um, no pattern?

You see Jkin has the same "problem" that the rest of us do, gamer Attention Deficit Disorder.  So if it's new and shiny, Jkin is all about it.

Right now Jkin is on a Dystopian Wars kick, starting off with the Kingdom of Britannia. Best of all (or worse cause it makes us all look like slouches), he painted up this fleet in like four hours. Pretty solid for a painting machine like him, but I'm still a little jelly.

Kudos aside, let's see how he did it.

From Jkin;
"The first step was to figure out how I wanted to do the hull of the ship and the deckboards.

Given the time-period and fluff behind Dystopian Wars, I decided on a more dull look and feel to the fleet, thus the non-metallic hull. It is actually quite simple to pull-off.

I simply painted each part of the ship that I wanted steel with Codex Grey, then washed with Badab Black (very thoroughly) and then quickly drybrushed over with Fortress Grey.

The engine and turbine housings on the sides of the ship were done in the same fashion using actual metallics and a heavier wash. They were started with a base layer of Boltgun Metal and washed with some Vallejo Sepia Wash.

The next step was to get some weathering and sea-bearing feel to them so I decided to add some oxidation to the turbine housings and hull.

This was accomplished by taking Hawk Turquoise and mixing in a generous amount (50/50) of Orkhide Shade and water, then lightly applied to the very bottom of the ships sides and front.

Deckboards where applicable were kommando khaki with devlan mud applying more wash to the outside of the ship near the railing

Finally, in order to let people know what nation I'm using, I decided to add a union jack to the ship (easier said then done). It took several attempts, but eventually I figured out to first paint to whole rectangle surface with Necron Abyss, then lay out the cross and x pattern with scab red.

Next I highlighted the scab red with blood red and finally outlined the red cross and x with skull white."

Checkout Jkin's fleet below.

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Kraggi said...

Always good to see more people playing or painting Dystopian Wars stuff. I hope to see more in the future!

Atreides127 said...

fantastic paint-job.  simple techniques that look great all the same. 

however, the abuse of my nations flag is a little painful.  it doesn't look a whole lot like that....

Shocktimus Prime said...

Awesome paint job, but yeah, the Union Jack is a fickle thing to paint as its not symmetrical. 

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