Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Astartes Madness? Spartan Marines!

Madness?!! Jkin has been at it again. This guy really comes up with some great work on the fly.

Today I have for you the first of his converted Spartan Marines.  He's going to be making a whole army of these guys, and I have no doubts that he can do it either.

To make his "Spartans" Jkin de-ultraed Marenus Calgar's honor Guard, and then added in a spear from the Beastmen kit for their Close Combat Weapon.

He also use the Liquid Green Stuff to help clean up the gouges from removing the Ultramarine symbols.  Three Sixty below.

You can checkout more of Jkin's work here.

What do you think, would it be neat to see a full army of these guys? -MBG

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Viktorjulian said...

yeah, definitely.

Ellis Warner said...

This guy looks AMAZING. I LOVE when people do things like this...

MarshalWilhelm said...

These look really good.

I really feel GW, in an effort to make UM the poster boys of 'Vanilla' have actually missed out on making UM "cool" - Wolves, Templars and the Angels have really be thrown into their particular style.

UM are barely Roman/Greek, which is to their loss, imo.

These I like :D

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