Thursday, December 01, 2011

TanksGiving Conversion Entries Are Here!

Here is the first of the entries in the TanksGiving Contest. Ill be posting each one up over like the next week or so, and then set them all up for voting at the end so you can pick your favorite!

Today's entry from Jon Clegg is a super heavy Exorcist, yummy!

From Jon:  "A Ssters of Battle Super-Heavy Tank -- The Ecclesiarch.  Basically, a super-heavy exorcist.  For the VDR, the 2x Gatling represents the 2 servitors running the Long-Barrelled Mega Missile Launcher."


SoB Ecclesiarch
Points 785
Armor: Front 14 Side 13 Rear 11  BS: 4

Tank Size: War machine
Speed: Lumbering

  • 2 x Gatling Long-barrelled Mega Missile launcher
  • 1 x Demolisher
  • 2 x Inferno cannon
  • 2 x Twin-linked Multi-melta

Vehicle Category: War machine
Structure Points: 3

Check out the rest of the pics below. Ill try to have another entry posted up shortly for everyone to checkout.

Thanks to everyone that entered, and good luck! You can checkout all the other TanksGiving Entries, here.

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ONIAgent150 said...

Incredible! Truly impressive and ambitious! 

spikeybits said...

Oh dont worry there are more! We got a ton of great entries!

theHman said...

Slaanesh is excited to corrupt this tank to his/her/it's nefarious purposes!

ONIAgent150 said...

Looking forward to seeing them!

Matthew Ochs said...

This one is going to be hard to beat, I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Reid said...

I thought mine was good haha.  Owned in a big way.

RTM said...

Nice!  Very cool.  Should I be official about the stats, then?

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