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Necrons' Bane TanksGiving Contest Entry #2

So here is the second entry in the TanksGiving Challenge by Reid (who got second in the Hobby Wreck Challenge last month).

Ill be posting each one of the entires over like the next week or so, and then set them all up for voting at the end so you can pick your favorite!

This entry is titled Necrons Bane, and here's the rules Reid came up with for it.

Necrons' Bane

Type: Tank (Unique)

Crew: Three Initiates and one Reclusiarch.

Weapons: The Necrons' Bane is armed with a hull mounted Melta Cannon and a pair of sponson-mounted hurricane assault cannons.  Each hurricane assault cannon consists of three twin-linked assault cannons.

Melta Cannon: The melta cannon was designed to obliterate Necron constructs.  It launches modified demolisher cannon shells with melta bomb warheads.  The weapon has been proven to be extremely effective.  The melta cannon is str. 8, AP 1, 24” Range, Large Blast, Ordinance, and always rolls 2D6 when rolling for armor penetration.

Frag Assault Launchers: The front of the Necrons' Bane is studded with explosive charges designed to hurl shrapnel at the enemy as the troops inside charge out.  Any unit that charges into close combat on the same turn as it disembarks from the Bane counts as having frag grenades.

Fire Points: None.

Access Points: The Necons' Bane has a front assault ramp and two side hatches.

Transport: Without the generators required to power sponson lascannons, the Necrons' Bane can transport more passengers than normal.  The Bane can carry up to 15 Space Marines in power armour or 8 Terminators.

Power of the Machine Spirit: Land Raiders are imbued with the Power of the Machine Spirit vehicle upgrade, and its cost is included in the vehicle's points value.

Extra Armour: The Necrons' Bane has the extra armour upgrade and its cost is included in the vehicle's points value.

Blessed Hull: The Necrons' Bane is a revered artifact and many Techmarines oversee it's blessing before each engagement.  The Bane has the blessed hull upgrade and its cost is included in the vehicle's points value.

Emperor's Oration: The Reclusiarch within the chapel atop the Bane has the voice of the Emperor Himself.  Speaking with righteous fervor enough to stir the fire in any Brother's heart, the Reclusiarch grants his unmatched zeal to all around him.  Black Templar units within 12” have a 4+ invulnerable save, Unmatched Zeal, Litanies of Hate, Preferred Enemy (Necrons), count as having crusader seals, and add +6 to the dice roll when rolling for the distance moved due to the Righteous Zeal special rule.
History: The Necrons' Bane was developed after High Marshal Helbrecht's first crusade to the Ghoul Stars encountered a sector dominated by three Necron tombworlds.

Used to punish the metal monstrosities and instil fervent hatred of the Necrons in the hearts of the Templars.  The cathedral adorning the top of the tank was salvaged from the remains of  a monastery within the fallen strike cruiser Marshal's Sword.

The captured Necron is a grim reminder that none can withstand the fury of the Emperor and his crusading Black Templars; not even those that do not live.  Some have questioned the gruesome display as heresy, but the Brothers who have suffered at the hands of the Necrons view it as a holy display of devotion to the Emperor Himself.

Battle Cry: Ashes to ashes, Necrons to dust.

Check out the rest of the pics below. Ill try to have another entry posted up shortly for everyone to checkout.

Thanks to everyone that entered, and good luck!  You can checkout all the other TanksGiving Entries, here.

Reid's entry from the last contest is here as well.

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Matthew Ludwick said...

a little undercosted for that thing dontcha think? either a Melta large blast template or 12 twin linked 7 4 shots? Plus it STILL manages to fit an assault ramp under the demolisher cannon? AND has special rules to boot? this is a 500 point machine at minimum.

LukeLicens said...

What do you mean, OR?  It has POTMS.  So it can roll, fire the Boomgun, AND one sponson (or just fire both sponsons).  At DIFFERENT TARGETS.

Also why Necron's Bane?  Aside from the hanging Cron, and the tacked on "Lots of awesome aura bonuses for Black Templars, oh, and Prefered Enemy (Necrons), too" it's got nothing to do with Necrons.

With that Ultra-Melta-Cannon, it's more effective against Grey Knights than Necrons.  It looks custom made to roll Paladins and Purifiers, or to punch a hole in a Leafblower or Razorspam list.

Sorry, Reid, I'm just not buying it.

Bonus points for putting a ruined cathedral on top of a Landraider, though.  Rule of Coo, that's just fun.  And BTs don't hide in cover anyway.

Reid Hughes said...

Haha yeah- I just tacked the 300 points on there without any thought to it- I was pretty tired when I wrote up the info.  It's really all about the crazy church up in here.

Reid Hughes said...

I'm building a fluffed up BT crusade that has been grappling with the Necrons for a while.  On the table it would be more suited towards 2+ (because it's AP1), but I drew inspiration from Fall of Damnos where Sicarius destroys a Monolith with a few melta bombs. 

It's not really for using tbh- and not at all "street legal." haha

LukeLicens said...

Interesting (and unique) choice of crusades.  Is one of your regular opponents a Necron player?

If you're looking to actually play it, err on the side of overpriced.  With that many special rules, I'd say 400 to 500 points.  The firepower potential can't be matched with by 3 'codex' raiders, though I'll credit you a bit of a discount for putting so many eggs in one basket.

As for the model itself, it's a lot of fun.  A rolling church to go with the Battle Sister's rolling pipe organ.  ^_^

Matthew Ludwick said...

no doubt it looks amazing

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