Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Daily Gallery- Armies on Parade: SQUATS!

Welcome to Armies on Parade, where I display (in hopefully good detail) some great looking armies from major tournaments all across the United States.

If you click on the Armies on Parade label you'll be able to scroll through some great looking armies, all at once.

It's like you were at a major event yourself, all from the comfort of your home or smart phone!

Today we have a fully converted Space Marine "Squats" Army from "Feast of Blades" 2011  I personally like the Mole Mortar-esqe Drop Pods, and the EVA style visors! - Enjoy MBG

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Ken Adams said...

Wow, that's some brilliant conversions, too bad about the basing.  Yikes.

Lycanthropica said...

Ooo my friend has some great squats that he modeled himself and cast, I should grab some pics next time I play him to show you

spikeybits said...


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