Thursday, October 20, 2011

Editorial- Necron Rumors, Pictures + Cryptek

Welcome back to another polite rant/ clarification about a topic I feel very strongly about, the Necron Leak by Beast of War.

First of all I wanted to clear up several serious points that were bugging me.  I do not think the leak was a bad thing for the hobby, personally I enjoyed seeing the photos and can not wait for them to hit in a few short weeks.

Secondly the issue at hand on here is not GW's new release policy, it's the blatant attention grab by Beasts of War at the expense of every retailer in the world.

Third I'd like to clarify a statement I made to Beasts of War. In my comments I stated, "100% do not agree with anything you have done, and will never agree no matter what you say ever".

Well I just wanted everyone to know what I wasn't trying to invalidate anything they have ever done (I'm sure they've done something nice in the past), this was just in reference to the Necron leak, and their apparent attempt to back pedal the whole thing in an upcoming episode per their comments on here.

And lastly, I'm sorry this crap has taken up two posts worth of content for Spikey's dedicated readers.

So that being said lets get on with the main event....

Warren at BoW decided to come on here, and post the following (with direct links to BoW which I kept out)

For those that are interested we’re running a LIVE show ( We call it Turn8 ) on Thursday Night 10pm BST (GMT+1) where we will be giving the inside story on this whole affair

We won’t be discussing our source but I’ll be happy to say who it wasn’t!

Hope the MODS don't mind us posting this, but this will give us the chance to set the record straight and give anyone whose interested a glimpse into how these leaks come about and are managed.

Thanks Folks for making Friday Night so exciting!

First off Warren I am a stupid American. I have no idea WTF 10pm BST (GMT+1) means. Is that East Coast or West Coast time?

I'm not sure so I guess I will not be tuning in at whatever hour that ends up being, sorry dude.

You want to set the record straight about Beast of War and how things like this are managed? Sure lets do that. I have a few questions for you if you don't mind sir.

1. Besides making money off YouTube Ads (Minus the money you pay back to them for placement), how do you make enough money to keep your studio afloat?  By studio, I mean the awesome place described here in lavish detail, that apparently you still are a part of according to this.

2. Are you just plain rich, or does your brother/daddy/uncle owns said studio? In which case you just have fun doing videos about the game you love, oh and crapping on retailers and GW.

Hey there is another Johnston listed on there as director, so you never know maybe he's your Daddy.

3. If not does a particular retailer perhaps have a stake in your company, maybe give you money to produce your videos and site? Because if that's the case well you cease being "media".

A lot of speculation has tied you and a U.K retailer together at the hip, which is fine I suppose unless you are say using information to benefit that particular retailer at the cost of all other retailers in the world combined?

Huh lookie at that stat above, wonder what that means....

4. How do these leaks come about and how are they managed?  Lemme guess you post a bunch of stuff your not supposed to for say a couple of days until GW gets mad at you. By then its too late cause the damage is done, and oh well you got more people coming to your site. (which I suppose you need, by the way, because your YouTube channel got banned a few months back).

Ouch looks like your pageviews are down brah. Better do something about that, don't let Google steal all your clicks!

 5. Did you really think you benefited from this? I mean your site was slow as crap Friday (I guess it was too excited), and people could just as easily go to Dakka or BoLS or heck here and see the same thing for less work. Oh and the best part, none of us will get in trouble for posting pictures with your logo plastered all over it.

You however obviously have.

6. What were you thinking? I mean I get it, you need traffic sure. Was this really the way to go about it? I mean now you are scrambling to make articles that don't contain stuff you can't talk about. Why not maybe just use those articles leading up to the release for a steady stream of visitors?

7. Will you do this again?  Personally I doubt it. The backlash has been fierce, and I'm sure GW will take steps to ensure whatever caused this doesn't happen again.

However if you do make the same mistake twice, I'm sure all the other "media" sites out there will be happy to benefit from it again.

Thanks for the photos, keep living the dream. -MBG


ArbitorIan said...

"First off Warren I am a stupid American. I have no idea WTF 10pm BST (GMT+1) means. Is that East Coast or West Coast time?"

British Summer Time is GMT+1, until it just goes back to regular GMT in a couple of weeks. Since you're choosing to frequent a British site, it's your responsibility to find out how that relates to time in your country. I'm in London. When I go to an American site, I don't expect them to list everything in GMT just so that I can understand it more easily....

terranraida said...

Keep living the dream is my catchphrase. You using it simply will not do, find your own niche brah~~

Cypher22 said...

I think this whole argument has reached way new levels of panty twisting....

BST = British Standard Time, GMT = Greenwich Mean Time (It's the time zone that all the other time zones in the world are based off of) guess what I didn't even need to use wikipedia to figure that one out.

Just because you are a dumb American doesn't mean you have to be proud of it of flaunt it.

Also you don't need to be stinking rich or have rich family members fund you in order to run an awesome site. With Proper ad placement, a great Indian development team, some paypal donations and a kick ass deisgner you can make anything look amazing for virtually no $$$ out of pocket.

I think you are just being a Man Bitch Genius cause they beat you to the punch. Nut up or Shut up.

ONIAgent150 said...

Good work, man. I hope Beasts of War doesn't try this stunt again. As a fanatic for the game, I loved seeing the pictures, I'll admit. But I care more about my local store, which has since had to tell people that they cannot preorder what clearly exists now. 

MVBrandt said...

All I hope is GW realizes: People seeing rumors/pictures/etc. = people getting excited about their product, and immediately cease their counter-intuitive rumor control / marketing approach.

People have been STOPPING buying GW products in the last few months, as there hasn't been anything new in the 40k realm to talk about / get excited about, nor have their been any metagame wrinkles upcoming and known about to encourage people to go buy new models / change their army.

spikeybits said...

I agree it has been pretty darn stagnant lately....

UltramarineFan said...

'First off Warren I am a stupid American. I have no idea WTF 10pm BST (GMT+1) means. Is that East Coast or West Coast time?'
Wow, just wow. It's like you're trying to say that it's their fault for your lack of knowledge and that they should spell everything out like they were talking to kindergarten children.

kevinmcd28 said...

I kind of agree with all of the above, Beasts of War does seem a little fishy and way to grinning ear to ear to have all of this, but all press is good press MBG. Id take this down before too many people get pissed off like those below bud

Thetribe1932 said...

The show will be on in about 2.5 hours, if your interested :) Hope that helps you navigate the complexities of timezones.

You can see it at

If your gonna slag the boyos at BoW you may as well link to where the show is.

I hope they read this before the show - and you might get your answers lol

Thetribe1932 said...

Just tweeted by beasts of war

We're giving away NEW Necron stuff as prizes on the live show tonight. Courtesy of our buddies but not owners WAYLAND GAMES! Starts 10pm BST

mmmmmm the plot thickens lol

theHman said...

How is that BoW's fault that your local store can't take pre-orders?

theHman said...

Just another pathetic attempt to garner some attention for your own business.

"...the issue at hand on here is not GW's new release policy, it's the blatant attention grab by Beasts of War at the expense of every retailer in the world."

If you can't handle another company being smart with their marketing, then you're not cut for the entrepreneurs life.

You should just give up and close shop now 'cuz crying and whining about this and thinking that we care is pointless and a waste of time.

If anything, this has turned me off from buying anything from you and your store.

Next time, instead of spending your time and energy talking trash and crying like a baby 'cuz someone beat you to the punch, you should spend that time and energy trying to come up with smart ways to market your business and earn our business.

Cypher22 said...

It's true. Why doesn't your local store look at Wyland games preorder page and rip it?

I mean if they know the prices already then what's on there is truth. Boom problem solved, took a whole 20 secondsto figure it out.

JetKinen said...

You know, this is kinda of sad.

Half of your points are just plain attacks to the dude at BoW. The time issue as everyone already said was pretty fucking stupid. I really don't see the problem. Leaks is part of the business, just go look at WarSeer or DakkaDakka, we already know all the units of the Codex,and we have leaks like the Contingent stuff that reveal stuff ready to be released 1 or 2 years from now, and what's exactly the problem of them being partners with Wayland Games? Jesus Christ, the BoW site isn't even so pretty, it's pretty fucking confusing especially the Forums.
If Anything more people wants to buy Necrons, from Wayland or other place, i can hardly see why GW will be mad at them, seeing they will give them Money and not be a complete failure like the Dreadfleet was

JetKinen said...

So much of this.

They even have a Time Conversion thing at their Website 

Asdasf said...

so you did the same thing trying to get page hits

terranraida said...

I see you missed the whole "dumb amurrican" joke, and instead took it for a sign of flaunting off acting like a douchebag, which this is clearly not the case.  Greenwich Mountain Time is a obscure time frame that most Americans are not fully versed in, due to no one in America using it.

Now you sir, need to understand that not everyone wants to have released these pictures. Will the average joe army player appreciate them? Sure they are fun to look at and to theorycraft and plan out new armies.

However, places like stores could have gotten some revenue from the white dwarf sales that would have come in from people buying them solely to examine the forthcoming Necrons. Surely you can at least see the point of that.

I highly doubt that "Man Bitch Genius" is mad because some obscure company that I have never heard of beat him to the punch of releasing something that could hurt is sales profits.


terranraida said...

I don't know what sort of special snowflake kindergarten you went to, but I learned how to finger paint and read, not timezones of the world, and how it relates and converts to the timezone you live in.

terranraida said...

This post is so fantastic, that I don't even need to post to point out how ignorant this sound. But I will because I just want to get my post count up, and that will make me internet famous.

That, and posting nude pictures of myself.

daboarder said...

You sir are a TWAT yes read that please stop with the personal attacks on a site that offers far more for the hobby than you ever will.

Arch_inquisitor said...

You seem to have benefited some from this yourself.:|

spikeybits said...

Not to sound smug, but i get "hits" either way. I was taking a stand against what they did to the retail community, and by trying to explain it to all yes I got an increase in traffic, as did all sites that posted Necron stuff.

spikeybits said...

Tell you what, you spend $50,000 plus opening your own brick and mortar/ online store, and then tell me how you feel when someone comes along and basically steals from your sales by leaking information.  

Worse yet the only reason they did it is to get more traffic for their failing site. Page views down 30% yes they are failing. A desperate action by desperate person.  If that doesn't interest you then I suggest you never get into retail yourself.

spikeybits said...

It was a joke about the time zones. 
If its so easy to do, they why not try it yourself. (i.e. Nut Up)

Don't antagonize me on my own blog, it only encourages me.

theHman said...

I could have sworn that BoW was a British site. Correct me if I'm wrong.

And didn't you say (or imply rather snidely) that they're just a bunch of rich kids promoting stuff for Wayland Games or something along those lines? Jealous much.

Please explain how they are "stealing" customers from you seeing as GW now forbids retailers to sell outside their geographic area?

You didn't lose any sales from this so-called leak.

If anything, BoW did you a huge favor by "leaking" all the pics b/c now all of your customers are amped up and ready to buy 'crons like there's no tomorrow.

BTW - I've been self-employed for over 16 years. My business partner and I invested over $500,000 in our current business.

The last thing we do is cry, whine and complain when our competition does anything to put us out of business.

All it does is motivate us to pull up our sleeves and put on our thinking caps and beat them at their own game.

It's why were #1 in our industry today.

You should do the same because at the end of the day winners gonna win and losers are gonna cry to mama about how "unfair" it all is and how they're entitled and deserving of their piece of the pie.

Here, let me help you get a piece of the pie you so desperately (and wrongly) believe you're entitled to. Go to Wayland Games site and "steal" their pre-order page and make your own.

Just don't forget to convert the prices into "American" - I use for currency exchange rates.

Boom. Problem solved. Your welcome. Now please, stop being a troll trying to create controversy where there isn't any just to get more hits to your site and show us some cool conversions and paint jobs.

spikeybits said...

I doubt they will answer any of my questions. But one can always hope. 

If anything I hope I have given pause to anyone who may have sensitive information in the future. Stuff will leak, which is a fact of life. 

But doing it so a particular retailer gains an unfair advantage over every literally other retailer in the world is detestable at best. 

JetKinen said...

Well then you fucking google it.

what you want everything in your hand now?
jesus like i said, they even had a fucking Time Converter if you want to check it out

theHman said...

This post really explains a lot of what you're trying to say. And you do have some legitimate concerns - esp. regarding foot traffic into your store for those impulse purchases.

I'd be really intrigued to find out how sales go for you after the Necron launch. Will they be up or down? Obviously you don't have to share that kind of info. But I bet you'll be quite happy with the sales you make of Necrons.

However, I do think that you'd better build some "thicker skin" so to speak because I have a suspicion that other things in the future will be leaked one way or another. Hopefully it will be you with the "unfair" leak and others will be crying foul.

Now if only GW would re-release Necromunda...

terranraida said...

Surely you are intelligent enough to use replacement words for the word filter. And I know GMT, so you can eat as many dicks as you please.

Hint: Alot of dicks. Eat them all.

spikeybits said...

I too am very curious about the first weeks in November :D
Perhaps a brief retail post will be in order then?

As far as leaks go, nah won't be me. I have too much at stake to gain the ire of GW.
But if one thing is for sure, there will always be some sort of leak somewhere.

I mean there was a German leak today, so imagine that was the first glimpse compared to what we saw already? I mean the cover is awesome, but I'd rather see minis!!!!

Good luck in the future with your business Hman! :D

Andrewbeater said...

I think you are right on with the exception of one issue. We do not know who leaked the pictures to begin with. There is a small chance Games Workshop leaked these pics to generate interest in Necrons. I mean, the practice of leaking info for hype is not new. If BoW leaked the pics without GW's blessings, then GW will deal with them and those responsible for the leak. The time zone and Stupid American thing is just plain silly to talk about as it was obviously just a little joke. To swear about this blog like a trucker is just stupid. Everyone is entitled to their opinion even if you do not agree with it.

Zeno said...

Wow, you really got pwnd on BoW.

Great job Warren, and great show!

Stronghammer said...

I actually went on bow one time when a friend posted a link. I found it soo hard to navigate and the videos took ages to load. So lame

Thetribe1932 said...
I think you have your answers, watch the vid, they get to you pretty quickly.

afjudge said...

LOL! Thank you all for the hilariously entertaining lunchtime read. Let's keep 

nogginthenog said...

They also gave away prizes donated by Secret Weapon.

Lat show it was prizes courtesy of Mantic Games , and the kitbash competition prize is by Battlefoam.

There is something thickening around here, but it isnt the plot.

Cypher22 said...

Well seems BOW really took the high ground in this argument. Shame you're still a Man Bitch Genius :P

I'd did Nut Up punk, I co-own a very lucrative Web Design & Marketing firm. How do you think I know what I was writing about.

Cypher22 said...

How does it feel being Man Bitches' Lap dog?

spikeybits said...

Cool thanks for taking the time to put me on the show. :D

spikeybits said...

And you did not take the high ground as I have repeated ask posts to not curse and be civil. You have been modded and banned.

UltramarineFan said...

They answered your questions specifically lol

spikeybits said...

True my mistake :D

Schnitzel said...

I'm American and I use it regularly. It seems to be the standard time format on webpages and forums, and its rather handy to know when you travel over seas often...

Schnitzel said...

Warren, your simply upset that another website/retailer had an advantage over your business. Attacking BoW only further demonstrates your lack of maturity as a business man and adult.
You're a selfish and petty person. You sank one online retailer you were once involved with for personal gain, and now you directly attack another for getting a leg up on their competition? No wonder why so many gamers in the Quantico area think your a scum bag...
You are most certainly a cancer to this hobby and its community. Never getting my business.

ArtyEngineer said...

Yep, very nice response from Warren.  Delivered in a calm reasonable professional tone and manner.  Not like the snidey/whinging tone the questions were asked in.  BoW = Win.  Spikeybits = Epic Fail

spikeybits said...

Wait are you refering to me, or BoW? If your addressing me, I'm super curious about what retailer I sank?

And as far as Quanitco goes, I have a great relationship with the Iron Fists, and Cathy at Game Vault. so color me confused.

spikeybits said...

Again I'm flattered that they felt the need to address someone as "insignificant" as me. They however said nothing about Tastey's post over on Blood of Kittens.

Now we have definitive answers on the record for all to see, (and  to address in the future if the need arises).

Thetribe1932 said...

Looking forward to you manning up, and apologising to the guys over there.

You had the backbone to bitch about them, will you have the backbone to apologise? 

spikeybits said...

Yes I am an epic fail because i stood up for every retailer in the world. Fail on me.

Thetribe1932 said...

I wonder how many retailers would want YOU as their spokesperson?

Did any actually ask you to stand up for them? If so I would ask you to name them - considering the questions you asked BoW i think that would be only fair?

oathcircle said...

You sir, are an idiot.

Games Workshop have laid of half of the White Dwarf staff recently. The January 2012 issue will be their last. Some have already left, taking extended leave.

As a last 'fuck you' to Lenton, they've been leaking news.

This is not a BOW conspiracy, they just happened to have been the first to read their email.

?????? said...

Sorry but who told you that GW have Laid off half of the White Dwarf staff? I know someone who works on WD and he's been telling me different.

Blangonga said...

Probably a lot, since every retailer I know feels exactly the same.

Blangonga said...

Because they'd most likely lose their license to sell GW products if they were wrong on a single price. GW doesn't allow for you to mark down your prices, or any discounts whatsoever. One store tried that down our way, and they had their license revoked.

Blangonga said...

Watched it, BoW really only said "Lol we do what we want because it's fun. If you wanna make more money, we can tell you when stuff comes out."

They also didn't get that the GMT joke was a joke.

Trev star said...

You haven't a clue do you lol

Blangonga said...

Nahh, if anyone's an idiot, it's you, assuming that EVERYONE must know this single little bit of information that no one else has, especially since it's pretty unconfirmed.

Blangonga said...

Uhh, about how the GW contract works, or why they can't just say "lol how bout some pre-orders?"

I think I put it pretty clearly why GW would prevent you from selling their products at lowered costs, and again, when it comes to re=orders, no one knows the right prices yet, so how can you possibly be 100% sure you're not selling it for higher/lower than what it actually is.

Kinen said...

I don't blame them.

The GMT thing just sound smugness, but hey, i only talk this because i've been on Internet far to much to know people can be stupid about stupid things
spikeybits not cursing you, i too didn't understand at first, but after reading a bit more on the comments i see that it was a joke or something, but yeah, watchout for the Sarcarsm thing, not everyone get its

spikeybits said...

I agree. Sometimes my personality comes through in my posts. My apologies.

terranraida said...

You are truly a beacon of intelligence in a otherwise stormy sea of idiocy. 

Shine on you crazy diamond, shine on.

Lapis2 said...

wow cant take a joke much?

bginer said...

Umm, what about that statement sounded like a joke to you?

I'm English by birth, but I've lived in the US for nearly 20 years.   I totally miss any attempt at 'humor'.

Please educate me.

DarkChaplain said...

oh lord... so much whining and bitching, its like watching two ork clans with wider vocabularies...

DarkChaplain said...

I thought people like @5601055141a77a8beb00f3add4c29b8b  would encourage you to argue back rather than to ban.
Just a tip - a solidly woven argument lets you look better than a swift ban like this.

DarkChaplain said...

How are they "stealing your sales by leaking information"?
Instead of mindlessly whining, you should take the leaks as an opportunity to OFFER your customers to reserve their kits before GW does - guess the prices (its not that hard) and cater to your customers.
Hell, even if you guess a bit too low on some kits, you still got the initiative.
Instead of crying over people getting info at the same time as retailers, you should act quickly and utilize the information asap.

ArtyEngineer said...


 "Greenwich Mountain Time"

Wow, way to display your total ignorance with this statement lol.

Its not Greenwich Mountain Time", but Greenwich Mean Time.  Thats your first  "Epic Fail". 

 If you want to talk Authoritatively about something it kinda helps if you have somewhat of a clue about what you speak.


 "is a obscure time frame that most Americans are not fully versed in, due to no one in America using it."

Well this is your second even more EPIC FAIL!!!

Greenwich mean time is THE international recognised time standard, the Coordinated Universal TIme Standard is based on it.

The US military and in fact the entire US Government Infrastructure runs on it.  In the Military GMT is AKA 'Zulu TIme"  the entire GPS satellite Network is based on it. 

When its time for me to produce a "Fire Support Plan" involving Artillery and Close AIr Support,possibly involving our coalition allies such as the Brits, Aussies, Dutch, Germans etc we use ZULU time so that EVERYONE understand when sh!t is supposed to happen.

So to describe GMT as "Obscure" and make the statement "No one in Amrica is using it" pretty much destroys your credibilty in front of anyone whu actually really does knowwhat they are talking about.



spikeybits said...

You know, I covered all of this already actually. In depth even, on both the post and in the comments.

spikeybits said...

I politely asked everyone to keep it civil and not to curse. Several times in fact. Obviously he didn't get the point of my post. Not many people seem to which is fine, we're not all businessmen no biggie.

I'm pretty much done with the comments. Everything that can be said has been laid out already on my end.

terranraida said...

Let's get one thing squared away out the gate, how does it feel knowing that you're a grown man, in the military, and using the term "EPIC FAIL!!1!"? Is it depressing, do you just sit up and night and wonder where it all went wrong for you? Was it that time in high school where you saw Attack of the Show on G4 and heard it and decided "Hah, that's super duper funny! I will use that on every mundane mess up in the aspirations that it will make EVERYTHING SEEM SO BAD! That will show the world how cool and original I am...."

Secondly, and this is more for me, are you REALLY that upset over something like the goddamn time? I mean surely there is more pressing issues than a minor mess up in what M word gets used in the middle of a pseudo-acronym. When you go about using that as the sole point of your argument, you kind of seem like a spergy adult, and this is then accentuated when you go on to keep going about it.

The point I was making, and maybe this was lost in internet translation, is that for most Americans, the need to know anything beyond Pacific, Central, Mountain, and Eastern Standard Time, and it would not behoove them (apparently, not everyone, as you so seemed to yell at your computer screen.) to learn things they will never use, like Latin, or Shakespeare. 

However, since you seem to put so much effort into your post, and you are probably feeling like the smuggest person on the planet, I would like you to take solace in the fact that even though I may have not known that GMT was the apparent backbone of the world military (probably because I am not in the military..), that I will still do pretty good in life, regardless of my ignorance on timezones.

Have fun, high-fiving yourself - not sure how many you get from other people, but if your post is in anyway a reflection of how you are in real life, it cant be more than you can count on one hand. 

~~Dumbass in Timezones~~
~~~Not Very Good Person~~~
~~~~ Unaccredited douchebag~~~~

spikeybits said...

No seriously what are you talking about? 

nogginthenog said...

Interestingly, you havent written a blog about this post on the site you contribute to and pay for advertising.

'Its only wrong when someone else does it' I guess.

UltramarineFan said...

omg, look he hasn't been taken into a dark alley and mugged, what BoW did was not a 'crime', really, you need to get life into perspective.

UltramarineFan said...

what, both of them?

bginer said...

I'd really like to know where your information about the layoff's comes from.

Just curious as I recently got a 2 year subscription...  

Not that that particularly means anything the way business works these days, but anyhoo.

Calth said...

And "cursing" is so bad because...?

Oh, that's right, because demonizing people for using naughty words is easier than trying to argue with them.


Calth said...


fuuuucking hell.

"is an obscure time frame"


"Before the introduction of UTC on 1 January 1972 Greenwich Mean Time (also known as Zulu time) was the same as Universal Time
(UT) which is a standard astronomical concept used in many technical
fields. Astronomers no longer use the term "Greenwich Mean Time"."

New levels of ignorance here.  Your parents must be so proud.

Calth said...

I'll credit you as a douchebag.  I guess you need it in writing?  Just give me a postal address.  :)

Calth said...

"I'm a lapdog?  YEah well you're a stoopid head"

Touché, sir, touché

Calth said...

it's funny because everyone who hates you gets loads of likes and you get none :D

Calth said...

When the chips are down, it's very very easy and comforting to scapegoat someone else rather than admit that you're at all to blame for your tribulations.

Judging from his attitude, my guess is his store isn't a very nice place to be.  That's got to have more to do with the hard times than anything some british people on youtube do.  Sometimes it's just hard to face facts, y'know?

spikeybits said...

Funny the same rule applies on bols where I have no nod powers. Oh and you troll me there on ever post. Welcome to my blog.
Rob Baer

DarkChaplain said...

To quote Gilbran Quail (featured in "For the Emperor"):
"Life’s so much easier when you’ve got someone to blame."

I agree, I wonder how many people now shy away from even checking the store out/ordering after reading these posts full of bitching =/ makes a really immature impression...

spikeybits said...

Hi Rich,
From what i'm told by several people in the know you are a very smart and savy businessman. I'm flattered that you took the time to stop by.

I would like to say that I am sorry for the confusion about anything you think may have been "malicious" but I never made any such allegations at all.  I just addressed rumors that had been circulating about a connection between you and Beasts of War.  

I only care about said connection because, well by them leaking the info and you posting your pre-orders like 12 hours? later, you gained an unfair advantage on the rest of the retailers in the world, and most specifically the EU where you can only now ship.

As a retailer with several employee as well, I rely on compliance with whatever policies Games Workshop enacts to make my shop survive and ends meet for myself and my guys.  

That being said, that means a steady supply of foot traffic around the end of the month to see the new white dwarf (and releases therein). Foot traffic means sales, whether its just the magazine, a paint pot or a new Necron army, it all adds up.

(don't get me wrong, I'm taking pre-orders now, with $5 down till we get the official GW info later next week- I wont turn away a sale.)

It's my belief that this leak will affect that foot traffic negatively, and thus cash-flow as well. Which in some form or another is thievery from many a game store.

However I think the leak will help with the buzz, and more people will be excited about the release overall .  But for now October slowing up already for many of us, and honestly I think indirectly the leak is responsible.

Perhaps the first two weeks of November may be huge with sales and retailers will rejoice across the board because off all this sure. 

That is my point nothing more, nothing less. 

Were my posts heated, sure. I shot from the hip about something i felt strongly about. I literally was on the phone with many many retailers and head of companies (distributors and manufacturers alike), as well as forum and blog owners for most of Friday and Saturday about the series of events that occurred.

To be honest many of them agreed with my concern above, one was very confused about the whole thing in general, and the rest while they agreed with me- the situation didn't really affect their bottom line as they weren't specifically retailers.

So it's a mixed bag overall, most readers seem to get it, or well feel like I'm just whining about whatever. 

I hope this helps clear things up a bit, but I am sorry there will be no direct apology from me in regards to my original posts.

Again thank you for stopping by, and I wish you continued success in this industry.

-Rob Baer

spikeybits said...

Okay fair  enough. I would like to know what were referring to if that's okay?

spikeybits said...

Well if you are ever in the Richmond, Virginia area feel free to stop by and judge for yourself. :D

Norm said...

Maybe you should rename this blog Spikey Bitch.

spikeybits said...

Again folks, post politely, with no cursing. Or you will get modded and banned.

spikeybits said...

At this point we've both said out peace. We can keep going till were both red in the face, but there is really no point.  

I will not be apologizing for anything I have said. I also will not address this issue anymore, as after the above post, I have more than explained my position several times over.


rhodry said...

BoW answered your questions  Wayland posted on here and still you will not apologize for the way you attacked them. That stinks to high heaven hope you lose more than just my custom

Solaaris said...

Makes me wonder if you kicked up all this fuss to get hits on your blog since you know the BoW peeps would log on here and defend them.

Shame really, I used to have abit of respect for the blog. I was an avid reader if not poster. Not anymore however. Were all wargamers and should be singing from the same hymn sheet, not getting bent out of shape with unfounded claims.

All round pretty pathetic. I expected better

Rich from Wayland said...

You might have explained your position. It still doesnt justify libeling legitimate businesses in such a way.  Nor can it justify not retracting the remarks where they have been shown to be false and malicious.

Gearheart said...

Seems like everything in Texas is big except MBG :P

Someone has a napoleon complex maybe? Well it's a shame cause you lost any of my future Business. I'd rather order from Wyland, wait an extra 2 weeks for Shipping from the UK than spend money at your store in the same country as me.

You've no only made yourself look like whiney, groveling, insecure POS, but you've also made American gamers look like a bunch of idiots.

Sbrown said...

SpikeyBits you my friend are a cunt

Banned Poster said...

Thanks for acknowledging your ignorance bud, that’s all I was pointing out, ha ha.  That and the fact that you were flat out FACTUALLY wrong on your entire post......seems to be a lot off that going on around here!!!!!!. 

And as you are such a big grown up mature adult, instead of going 'Thanks Arty, didn’t know that, you learn something every day", you attack me personally for using the term "Epic Fail".

Way to go enhancing my already pretty low opinion of you.  If you really want to know, the term "Epic Fail" is creeping in to the military vernacular quite rapidly, sorry if my using it offends you. 



spikeybits said...

Arty, just a FYI you are not banned. I am sorry if there was confusion there. If it's not letting you post LMK and I'll figure it out. 

ODP said...

Being a patron of FTW Games, Rob's "whinning" doesn't seem to turn me, or anyone off from the store.   It is the best store in the city, and much much better than stores I have been in elsewhere in the state/country.   Foot traffic doesn't seem to have dropped in the least. 

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