Friday, February 11, 2011

40k Apocalypse- Bellicose Pattern Stormraven Gunship

This is the first of many variants for the Stormraven Gunship I could come up with.  It is loosely based of off the Terminus Ultra Land Raider, except it's got wings! 

The premise behind the vehicle is basic search and destroy operations, where terrain/ conditions are not conductive to deployment of troops or heavy tanks.  It is inherently a Super Heavy killer, able to disable or destroy all but the largest vehicles in a concentrated volley from all four of it's lascannons.  However it can be disabled itself due to infrequent power surges. 

The two conversions required to make the Bellicose Hunter Killer are pretty simple. The side sponsons are the same ones that go on the Space Marine Predator tank, and fit right into the side hatches with no problems.

They don't even require magnets to hold them in as the new GW model tollerances are pretty tight. Believe me I am all for push fit weapons!

Next up were the fixed twin lascannons in the front. I made those using the existing weapons mount, and just mounted the lascannons on top of the Typhoon Missile Launcher bit. For the weapons I used the plastic Lascannons from the side of the Valkyrie Model.

The trick with the lascannons is that you have to cut off and re-position the targeter on the side, flush with the end of the mount so it doesn't look wonky.  Pretty simple conversion there that goes faster if you use a "Bone Saw".

Once you knock that out, its home free- you can customize the rest of the vehicle any way you want. You now have a fast moving Titan Killer thats fun to play with.

I went ahead and even made up an Apocalypse data sheet on the Bellicose. It's 25 more points that the normal Stormraven, and you can give a few more pieces of equipment if you want.  You can download the PDF of it here.

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What do you think of this new Apocalypse unit? -MBG


classroom thermostat said...

40k Hobby- Bellicose Pattern Stormraven Gunship - This is the first of many variants for the Stormraven Gunship I could come up with. ...

David said...

Lots of lascannons = cracked transports

Aaa said...

Rolling all 1's first up:
 1 in 1296 chance of suffering a Hit is pretty slim. 
Re rolling some 2's from the TL when you have rolled 1's from the sponson:

Paul Bagosy said...

Actually, I think for better balance (and to keep true to the name), the Bloodstrikes should be replaced with standard Hunter-Killer missiles.

Kepora said...

Hey MBG, I'm working ona  lander for my Chaos Warband that's loosely inspired by the Belicose here. Wanted to see if I could get some input/opinions on it, as well as fair rules/armaments/etc. Currently I have no selected nose-mounted weapons, no turret on top, the wing missiles, and twin-linked lascannon sponsons. It also has the true-scale kit from CHS, so I decided to go for a higher transport capacity (possibly even higher armor or 2 structure points in apoc) and no Dreadnought clamp.

spikeybits said...

Cool! If its a lander maybe some close in support like hurricane bolters in nose? Sponson mounted Heavy Bolters maybe, and I dunno Assault Cannon turret?
The missiles could be blast ones like maybe one shot STR 5 small blast AP4 like a HB?

Chaos has Reaper Autocannons though so maybe them on a turret instead of Asst cannons?  If you like the Las sponsons, thats cool go with that! Look at the new Forgeworld Land Raider. The Chaos version has Infernal Device which is their Machine Spirit, that should be included when you start pointing it up off the regular Stormraven.

What do you think?

Kepora said...

 Hmm, a nose-mounted reaper could work. Maybe even a pair, two barrels on each side, give it some anti-infantry while the lascannons deal with heavier vehicles, letting the squad(s) inside pile out and mop up the mess? And you're thinking of the Havoc Launcher: 48" S5 AP5 twin-linked small blast? And I could leave them as-is or I could go and replace the ends with half the front/back pieces of a Havoc Launcher...

I'll probably leave the turret off (I glued on the hatch CHS provided), as I think it'll have enough guns at this point; what about transport capacity? I included a pic of it to give ya an idea, in case you haven't seen the CHS kit in person.

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